What is BirthdayComp?
BirthdayComp is a free social gifting web app that allows you to find free birthday gifts, offered by local businesses for you on your birthday. You can also send free gifts to your friends and family for their birthday.  We call it "BirthdayComp" and we make birthdays awesome!



Can I send a BirthdayComp to a friend as a gift?
Yes. Here are the instructions to send gifts using facebook. In order for your friends and family to claim their gift; they will need to join BirthdayComp.



Here are the instructions to email a gift to your friends. In order for your friends and family to claim their gift; they will need to join BirthdayComp.




How do I update my information on BirthdayComp.com?

In the left column you have to click on the word "Dashboard" it will open and you will see "My Info".  All you need to do is change the information then click "Save". To get back to the Claim gifts page click on the BirthdayComp.com logo.



How do I change the search location from the default?

In the left column you have to click on the word "Search" it will open a search box. All you need to do is enter the city or zipcode in the box then click "Change"




How do see the most claimed gifts on BirthdayComp.com?

In the left column you have to click on the word "Search" it will open and you will see "Sort" and 3 options below it.  All you need to do is click "Most Claimed"



I claimed a gift, but did not get the voucher in my e-mail?

You can always go to your claimed gifts area and print your gift voucher. If you have a smart phone all you have to do is show the business the voucher on your phone and they can mark it as used!



I would like a gift that I saw on BirthdayComp. Tell me how I can claim it?

You can claim it on your mobile device or on our website, just click the "CLAIM GIFT" button on the gift page. Then print out your BirthdayComp voucher with all the details and use it on your birthday. You must present the printed gift certificate at the location specified on the voucher. Don't forget your ID! 
Why can't I claim a gift that I see on BirthdayComp.com?
Some gifts are so awesome that the advertiser will only give out a limited number per day. The early bird catches the best birthday gift! Though, don't worry, new gifts are being added everyday.

Do I need to use my BirthdayComp gift the same day I claim it?
No. Most gifts will be redeemable on your birthday, but some will add extended time limits, so read all the details carefully before you claim your gifts.

I claimed a gift on BirthdayComp, how do I use it?
Once you've claimed your gift, you'll be able to print your BirthdayComp voucher or pull it up on your mobile device. The BirthdayComp voucher has redemption instructions and the address right on it! You will need to bring this with you to the gift location stated on the BirthdayComp voucher. Also, Bring a valid form of ID to verify:  It's your birthday!

If I don't use the BirthdayComp on my Birthday, can I use it later?
Maybe. It depends on the offer, most are valid only on your birthday only but some are good on your birthday week (3 days before and 3 days after)and some are good throughout your entire birthday month!(the month you were born in) Read the offer details for more info...you may be lucky.

Can I combine my BirthdayComp voucher with other offers or specials?
No... not unless you can talk them into it. Good luck!

Am I ever billed for anything from BirthdayComp.com?
No - It's your Birthday! and these are free gifts!

What happens if my BirthdayComp gift expires?
If you don't use it, you lose it! Try again next year...

What if the business for my BirthdayComp closes down?
Send us an e-mail to help@birthdaycomp.com, we will give you an extra credit next year.

How can I get my business on BirthdayComp?
Check out our Business Sign up page for more information.

I just sent a referral to my friend - now what?
If your friend signs up with BirthdayComp you earn additional BirthdayComp Credits.

Can I refer as many people as I want?
Yes, please do!

I received BirthdayComp's from three people do they all get credit?
No, only the last code you click on before before signing up will generate a credit for the person who sent it to you. Which friend do you like best?

When will BirthdayComp be in my city?
Hopefully soon - we're growing fast. If you'd like to help us launch BirthdayComp in your city, feel free to sign up as an independent rep.

Who are you guys?
We're just some fun people who like free stuff on our birthdays!

Where is BirthdayComp based?
We are located in the most fun city in the USA,  Delray Beach, Florida. You can find us at the south end of the beach on windy days!